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Another guess for dnamydog!

Results were greyhound, Dalmatian, bulldog and schnauzer!What a joke!!!

I even included a picture of our Dog that is an Austrailian Cattledog and looks and acts like a Cattledog.we wanted to see if she was mixed with anything else.. As you know Cattldogs do not have short hair like greyhounds Dalmatians and Bulldogs.. What a scam!

Anyone could do a better job by just looking at the picture!Rip off!!!!

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Interestingly enough, if you were to do more research into the Australian cattle dog, you would find that they are in itself a mixed breed.Their heritage stems from cattlemen looking to breed a perfect dog for herding cattle.

This included mixing drovers, tamed dingos(yes, I'm serious), bull terriers, and Dalmatians. (Information on this can be found on both the AKC website and more accessibly Wikipedia).

So, while your dogs DNA did not come back as "Australian cattle Dog" as you had expected, it doesnt mean they were wrong, They gave you a much more in depth look at the exact genealogy of your particular dog.Which is actually really cool.

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